Friday, 9 March 2012


'I Turn My Head Back And Forth'

'I'm A Plant And I Roar LOLZ'

'Smack My Bridge Up'

Credit goes to my flat mate Ethan Wallace for making these awesome sound effects to go with my animations.
I've got the Wav audio files too, ill put them on dropbox.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


couple of floor grunge decals to break up that lab floor which wasnt nearly as grungy as the equipment(!) Two 512x512 one-channel textures.

I think we'll play any remaining required grunge decals by ear... see how far the vertex painting goes for the grunge. if we need some for walls, should be no trouble to make them... they dont take long.

table and files

Table currentlty matches the wood and green of the bridge pieces. We happy with this or shall we try a galvanised (silver) metal for the legs/different surface for the tabletop? Lemme know.

You found the green eeerrrb

Mutant marijuana easter egg idea :P developed in labs for medicinal purposes obvs... veiny like the rest of the roots in the level haha. thinking of using some of rich's roots coming out the pot aswell. 

my take on Resident Evils 'Green Herb'

dont have to put this in the level but might be quite funny, somehowww