Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Minutes for 31-1-12

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • tileset pieces now complete
  • props now begun
  • level still in assembly



The group agreed to have a backup rota:
  • Tuesday- Adam
  • Wednesday -Ant
  • Thursday - Ben
  • Friday- Mike, and upload to dropbox
Asset List
Mike will maintain the asset list, and inform members of changes. They are to report updates to him at the start of each meeting.

Triangle and Texture Targets
The group agreed to use "reasonable judgement" when building assets, rather than specifying targets for each asset. Textures will generally be made at a large resolution, and scaled down if necessary.

Reviewing Assets
The group will post all completed props to the blog for critique.

Review Level Progress

The group examined the progress of the level and were happy with the scale of rooms and their layout.

Any other business
Members reported hunger. Food was implemented as a solution for this issue.


Group Objectives for the next meeting
Round 1 assets to be fully completed by Friday 3rd

Individual Objectives
All members to check the asset list for their individual assignments.

In addition to assets listed,
  • Tristan to assemble the level using the tileset.
  • Ben to make a splitting piece for the bridge tileset.

Large Root

Update Update: Root in UDK with collision and lightmaps.

Update: Sculpted and poly painted in ZBrush

Large root wireframe. Crits on geometry before unwrap?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Root thumbnails

Some large root silhouettes before I make it in Max.
Probably going to go with 4th top and 2nd side.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Minutes for 26-1-12

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • tileset progress - all members agreed they would have finished, textured pieces ready for Friday morning


Vertex painting

All members agreed they would like to learn how to set up vertex painting. Consequently, Friday will be spent experimenting with vertex painting methods on their respective assets, with the following aims:
  • Ant - water damage on ceiling
  • Rich - puddles and moss on the floor
  • Adam - rust on the walkway (to be used on other assets also)
  • Tristan - vines/roots to be used on wall and possibly other assets
  • Ben - scratches and wear for the bridge pieces
  • Mike - has already done cracks and algae for the walls
Team Social
We have agreed to go to the pub, but no suitable day could be agreed. We'll arrange this another meeting.

Revised Schedule
Mike has revised the schedule and discussed it with teammembers, who now know where and when everything fits into the remaining time.

Assign Assets
Round 1 assets (large, essential assets) have been distributed between teammembers. Tristan will be working on the tileset so has just one asset to complete. Rich will be working on a plant prototype for the rest of the team to follow. All other members have an even distribution. The deadline for these assets is next Friday, but the team agreed the sooner these can be done, the more time will be available for "cool stuff".

Any other business
Nothing was raised.


Group Objectives for the next meeting
Round 1 assets to be fully completed by Friday 3rd

Individual Objectives
All members to check the asset list for their individual assignments.

In addition to assets listed,
  • Mike to complete more of the design document by Tuesday
  • Tristan to assemble the level using the tileset by Wednesday (Tuesday if possible).

Friday, 27 January 2012

Splishy Splashy

Liquid and wetmap onto hard surface vertext painting, red channel paints the puddles, green channel paints the wetmap (damp tiles). Got it looking pretty much how I wanted, its using a ready made UDK cubemap at the moment, once we're able to generate our own cubemap with our built level I'll come back and add it, and tweak other elements too, for now I'm gunna leave this how it is.

Tileset Progress

Just a few screen-grabs of the tileset bridge pieces in UDK, made a massive ass roller coaster thing to test the snapping and stuff, finally got those bastard things working. :D

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Vertex blending, painting puddles! Still a WIP, need to make the edges look damp tomorow.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Finished Pipeset

7 pieces in total, 1 diffuse, normal and specular 512x512 for all of the pieces. All lightmaps unwrapped on their second UV channels (stored inside of the ASE) (so unreal will use 7 separate UV co-ordinates to generate the lighting). The lighting is built here and there aren't any lighting errors, so happy days my first success!

I've also corrected the pivots to be at the centre of the piece, so you can rotate the pieces without readjusting them, so that when you build the set it should be quicker than the previous method.

Vertex Painting

Made a material that vertex paints moss onto floor tiles.
All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • Concept marathon - done
  • tileset progress - on-target (due for thursday)
  • Research progress
    • Sounds - understanding complete, not yet tested
    • tracking eyeball - not yet researched
    • ground mist - test implementation complete. done.
    • night goggle - test implementation complete. done.
    • triggering mesh animations - some progress made, more research required.
    • particle effects -  understanding complete, not yet tested 
tileset work and some research points carry over to next meeting.


Individual Reviews

Mike proposed individual discussions and reviews, but nobody wanted to bother. dismissed.

Vertex painting

All members have watched videos on example vertex painting techniques and will consider how it affects the tileset components they are making, if at all. Members will undertake investigation as required. The following ideas have been proposed for vertex painting:
  • scratches and wear
  • rust
  • mould/algae
  • leaking/water damage
  • floor and wall cracks (perhaps to be used in conjunction with static meshes)
  • puddles
  • glowing parts of plants when using night vision

    3d Motive videos

    The group now has access to 3d Motive videos, and members have been encouraged to take a look at a couple of relevant videos

    keep blogging

    Members were reminded to continue to blog as a record of work and to celebrate progress.

    Dropbox for individual use

    Members were encouraged to use dropbox whilst at home, since it stores backups and also ensures availability of work.

    Lightmap Unwraps

    Mike showed the group the lightmapping stuff he'd found whilst testing. A powerpoint has been written which should help.

    Any other business

    Tristan suggested a team social. We'll have a think about what we want to do.


    Group Objectives for the next meeting
    • Tileset pieces fully functional - Thursday
    • Tileset pieces full textured (excluding additional vertex-painted maps) - Friday

    Individual Objectives

    All members to finish their tileset components. In addition:
    • Rich is going to look at vertex painting techniques for the floor
    • Mike is going to compose a revised schedule
    • Mike is going to update the design document

      Pipeset Instructions

      Excuse the shoddy drawing, my tablet was being gay.

      Tuesday, 24 January 2012

      Vine door

      Concept for the secrete hidden door. Ooo spooky.


      Preeeeeetty much finished walkway with the various colour coded tiles, now time to unwrap the bastard

      Ended up being around 8000 polys for everything. really should have used 6 sided cylenders !

      Getting These Tiles Down

      Essential I leave no gaps, as if any light gets in it could be very noticable streaking through. I shall add more images of the other pieces when textures are done. I shall also post my pipework once that's textured too.

      Monday, 23 January 2012

      muh pieces

      after the frustration of lightmaps being a real pain, I was pleased to find a way to make a "world noise" for our grunge vertex painting, which helps break up uniformity of grunge without needing any kind of unique unwrap, and its also seamless. its rather neato, ill have to show you guys on tuesday.

      everything in this scene was done using three 256x256 textures. well, 5 if you include the two normal maps... whatever.

      EDIT: wasnt happy with the half-heartedness of the grunge. changed the texture a bit...

      Sunday, 22 January 2012

      Doors doors doors!

      Some flat difuse doors for you. The winowed door and the ts_door_01_door look pretty much the same, share the same map, exception of the window and is a bit cheaper. When I think about it maybe the doors are a bit too yellow. Could tweek it more towards white later on down the line.

      Saturday, 21 January 2012

      corner piece

      at first I was going to do the corner pieces as one mesh, but then it occurred to me it'd be much better to keep both walls separate so that they can be used at different angles. And after making one half of the teeth I realised the same mesh can be rotated on its head to form the other half. Bob really is your uncle.

      Friday, 20 January 2012

      Concept Binge

       Plant Incubator Ideas

      Different types of plants

      scary doctor tools which were used to disect plants

      Ideas for hanging plants as lights

      Hanging lights on ceiling concept

      Overgrown level illuminated by Plants

      Concept 24 Hour

      A Few More Concepts

      Thursday, 19 January 2012

      More concepts ...because we dont have enough

       Level focal point concept.

      More plant concepts.

      New logo?

      How about this for a new logo? Came up ith it while concepting. Think its simple and sweet.

      marathon painting session

      corner room

      ceiling plant

      plant incubators

      burst water pipe

      lab test

      biology classroom