Saturday, 25 February 2012


couple of floor grunge decals to break up that lab floor which wasnt nearly as grungy as the equipment(!) Two 512x512 one-channel textures.

I think we'll play any remaining required grunge decals by ear... see how far the vertex painting goes for the grunge. if we need some for walls, should be no trouble to make them... they dont take long.

table and files

Table currentlty matches the wood and green of the bridge pieces. We happy with this or shall we try a galvanised (silver) metal for the legs/different surface for the tabletop? Lemme know.

You found the green eeerrrb

Mutant marijuana easter egg idea :P developed in labs for medicinal purposes obvs... veiny like the rest of the roots in the level haha. thinking of using some of rich's roots coming out the pot aswell. 

my take on Resident Evils 'Green Herb'

dont have to put this in the level but might be quite funny, somehowww

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lab Extension - Adding Playability

Mother Plant Sculpt

*pants* Finally! *wipes brow* Now to bake it down and tweak in PS tomorrow in the labs which wont take long, cant do it at home as my laptop will surely blow up.

....Bed time.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dissected Root Sculpt

Finished root sculpt, first time poly painting in Zbrush...

Lon Lon Milk!!

The inner meshes will have an emissive so we can get some funky flasks.

Monday, 20 February 2012

New pieces

3 different root building pieces.

3 different broken concrete pieces for pushing up through floor tiles, or caving in floor tiles.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Metroid Prime Environments

 When playing the Metriod Prime games I find the environments and plantlife  really inspiring and relevant for what wer're trying to achive visually.
So I gathered some screenshots cause I wanted to share it with you guys, please have a look. :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Minutes 14-2-12

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • level was presented to tutors for feedback
  • round 2 assets built, only a couple of plants outstanding


Dropbox Saving
Members were reminded not to overwrite other teammembers' saves, but that dropbox modifications can be reverted to old versions.

Discuss feedback given after presentation
Tutors made suggestions to add more dynamic lighting and vary the wall textures more. In addition, presentations from other groups reminded us to focus more on making interesting use of space and shadows.

Round 3 assets
Three members have split into a "lab team" to spend this round populating the lab rooms. The remainder of the group will continue with their existing plant obligations (plantbligations) and other miscellaneous props.

"Level Jam"

Inspired by Bethesda's "Game Jam" (developers were given a week to do whatever they wanted to Skyrim), teammembers will spend one day doing whatever (risk-free) changes to the level that they want. This may be populating it with assets, adjusting lighting or making minor room modifications. Only one stipulation is being given: changes should not make MORE work for us.

Level Jam schedule below. Named person must hand over to the next person first thing next-day.
  • Wednesday -  Ant
  • Thursday - Adam
  • Friday-Sunday - Mike
  • Monday - Rich
  • Tuesday - Ben
  • Wednesday - Tristan


Objectives for the next meeting
  • Lab Team will produce lab stuff. 
  • Remainder of team will continue with their existing plants and do a variety of miscellaneous props to furnish the level.

Lab Mood Board...

Monday, 13 February 2012

broken bridges

having just made these, I think they need to be adjusted because I was modelling from the wrong rail height in max :S

four pieces in all, downleft, downright, upleft and upright... but the left/rights can easily be flipped, so thats two choices per given direction... which is proooobably a little overkill. oh wells.

they look a bit better when not fully lit but the shadows werent working... I think Ben had this problem on the bridge pieces before?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mother Plant Progress

Thought I'd just post the progress so far, still a longgggg way to go.
This should be okay as a place-holder for Tuesday though.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Plastic Cart thingy

the body of the cart is greyscale so that it can be multiplied through a colour. Just means we can do a red and a blue one with the same one-channel texture. supah-cheap! also "cheated" by using the material from the trolley thing I did earlier to save me time.

Dat room

Myah see.

Plant Testing Container

Not exactly sure how i managed it but i speant most of today just doing the difuse map for the plant holder test chamber box thing. working fast is deffinately not my strong point !

anyways, has a diffuse and alpha map, still not game ready as i have a vendetta against light maps... but right after i have a tea & ciggy break gonna get started on them right away, so can hopefully make the cut for tuesdays presentation !

Edit :

updated version with successful lightmaps :D think it looks alright, totes forgotten how to import alphas into UDK tough

Friday, 10 February 2012

hanging light plant

based on feedback, updated to match the eyeball plants. also simplified the leaves to be more readable. UDK left, max right.

Edit: I've just done a smaller, half-grown version of it and the light without any growth on it.

Mundungus Fungus!

hanging light plant

Thursday, 9 February 2012

You're A Fungi

Mother Plant Placeholder

Made a crap looking placeholder for the mother plant (please dont pay any attention to the geometry this is going to be redone lol) to try and see where it's going to be placed in the level, found it soooo hard, as it feels really crammed already, for a giant hero asset that is, didn't really have a big enough area for the base roots, so they're going to be growing over a bridge I think, or something, I'll work in this tomorrow, tired, zzz.

Container Tanks WIP

Preeeeeetty much finished the model for the container tanks. Added a few levers, switches and buttons to the model since i last took these screens

gonna make use of the alpha map and modify the support around the outside of the tanks to make it appear as though a plant has broken and escaped out of the chamber

More Mother Plant Concepts

I like the bottom one.


Big tree is big

Hero Plant

Had the idea that the roots and vines of a tree could be encompassing the core. Perhaps you could get inside the core?
Final Design

Hero Mother Plant Ideas

 6 quick ideas, tried out ways of having the plant illuminating itself. Also other versions including the hanging lights attached to the the branches

An idea having the hero asset bursting through the cieling rather than growing on the ground, player has to look up at it... the arms could also be clutching onto bridges and walls etc

Hero Tree Silhouette Session

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Alpha Plant Concepts

"Arms" look a little symmetrical atm, but they can be adjusted in height accord to what the're grabbing onto in the level, in max
Please crit.

hanging plant WIP

this ones clocking in as really expensive. i *think* we can afford it, but if you guys are concerned, I can try and find ways to cheapen its triangle cost. the main thing would be to replace the leaves with alphas, but if I want to give them shape, then ill need to make half the geomtetry thats already there to bend them into a nice shape, so I figured I may as well skip alphas.

anyway, thoughts please...

EDIT: edited leaf geometry to look less fresh and a bit more withered. still about 1200 tris.

1200 triangles

alhpa plant/mother plant/thing

was looking for an illustration that ive got in my head, but now im doubting if it even exists. oh well. here are ones i liked as i was looking for the one i really wanted...

 like the pose

like it leaning forwards

like it pressing against walls

like the asymmetry

like the tendrils, and generally its a supercool illustration