Friday, 9 March 2012


'I Turn My Head Back And Forth'

'I'm A Plant And I Roar LOLZ'

'Smack My Bridge Up'

Credit goes to my flat mate Ethan Wallace for making these awesome sound effects to go with my animations.
I've got the Wav audio files too, ill put them on dropbox.


  1. nice. like the roar... can we maybe use it in some way in the head smash section as well?

    many thanks to ethan!

  2. Yeah we could do, depends if Ethan wants to do any more on it, cause hes got alot of work to do himself

  3. Ethan just updated it, the plant groans a bit before smacking the bridge up.

  4. the sounds are great, like all the creakiness, could we possible get a general creaky vine moving noise, for playing whenever you're near the plant elsewhere in the level?

    I personally don't like the roaring noise, I showed a few people in my flat the animation, (who have no idea about games) they said it sounds like something from Jurassic park? Is that something we really want to convey in our level?

  5. Wow, cheers Ethan these are great. I love every single one, especially the bridge shake one it really feels like it's wobbling.

    Our level is too good.

  6. okay, lets talk about the sounds on tuesday.

    Rich, can you be sure to get the source files off Ethan? I don't think we can really ask him to keep making changes (im sure he has better things to do!), but perhaps one of us can figure out how to tweak them, and perhaps use one as a general creaky noise as ben suggests.


  7. Well be my guest and ask Ethan yourself Ben if you want to message him on facebook or something im done hassling him

  8. these comments were a week ago... they sound good in the level, and we wouldnt really wantto change them this late in the day.