Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Minutes 14-2-12

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • level was presented to tutors for feedback
  • round 2 assets built, only a couple of plants outstanding


Dropbox Saving
Members were reminded not to overwrite other teammembers' saves, but that dropbox modifications can be reverted to old versions.

Discuss feedback given after presentation
Tutors made suggestions to add more dynamic lighting and vary the wall textures more. In addition, presentations from other groups reminded us to focus more on making interesting use of space and shadows.

Round 3 assets
Three members have split into a "lab team" to spend this round populating the lab rooms. The remainder of the group will continue with their existing plant obligations (plantbligations) and other miscellaneous props.

"Level Jam"

Inspired by Bethesda's "Game Jam" (developers were given a week to do whatever they wanted to Skyrim), teammembers will spend one day doing whatever (risk-free) changes to the level that they want. This may be populating it with assets, adjusting lighting or making minor room modifications. Only one stipulation is being given: changes should not make MORE work for us.

Level Jam schedule below. Named person must hand over to the next person first thing next-day.
  • Wednesday -  Ant
  • Thursday - Adam
  • Friday-Sunday - Mike
  • Monday - Rich
  • Tuesday - Ben
  • Wednesday - Tristan


Objectives for the next meeting
  • Lab Team will produce lab stuff. 
  • Remainder of team will continue with their existing plants and do a variety of miscellaneous props to furnish the level.

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