Wednesday, 8 February 2012

hanging plant WIP

this ones clocking in as really expensive. i *think* we can afford it, but if you guys are concerned, I can try and find ways to cheapen its triangle cost. the main thing would be to replace the leaves with alphas, but if I want to give them shape, then ill need to make half the geomtetry thats already there to bend them into a nice shape, so I figured I may as well skip alphas.

anyway, thoughts please...

EDIT: edited leaf geometry to look less fresh and a bit more withered. still about 1200 tris.

1200 triangles


  1. I think the small leaves poking out look a little uniform, try and make them a little more rugged and random, stretch them out a bit too like the concept. In fact maybe delete some and just enlarge the others? would save tris. and maybe add in the vines that hold the light ball thing in? also give it machine guns

  2. oh the bits hanging onto the light i was gonna just texture, though i need a dangly bit from the bottom of it... forgot that.

    yep, ill try and mix up the leaves summore.