Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Eye Plant

Update: Final Eyeplant in Max 1024x1024 diffuse alpha, normal, spec. Actual eyeball will be exported separately.

Update: Eye plant ZBrush sculpt and poly paint, only 2 petals textured as they'll be repeated in 3dsmax.

Wireframe. A lot of the tris are used on the eyeball, but to avoid having gaps visible when the eye rotates, I've left it whole for now.


  1. cool. we might consider how that is going to "sit" on the ground. we may need roots coming out of it or something.

    also, you probably need back geometry to your leaves so that we can see their backs. thats a little cheaper than using a two-sided material.

  2. Okay cool. this is going be pushing out of the tiles, or growing out of larger roots.