Saturday, 11 February 2012

Plant Testing Container

Not exactly sure how i managed it but i speant most of today just doing the difuse map for the plant holder test chamber box thing. working fast is deffinately not my strong point !

anyways, has a diffuse and alpha map, still not game ready as i have a vendetta against light maps... but right after i have a tea & ciggy break gonna get started on them right away, so can hopefully make the cut for tuesdays presentation !

Edit :

updated version with successful lightmaps :D think it looks alright, totes forgotten how to import alphas into UDK tough


  1. also, I'd think your lightmap could probably just be made by having max pack your UVs, whcih would make all the islands unique? probably not too much more to it?

  2. yeah thats what i did in the end, simples