Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dat room

Myah see.


  1. wait, arent the eyeball plants going to be in the way of where we come out of the lab?

  2. Yeah they are Mike.
    Also I dont think we should have every single plant in one room, feels too busy, I think there should be alot more root, as thats the main thing growing through the level (obviously this will be easier to accomplish once there's more root pieces) the plants are growing in there own compact spaces, they would probably grow more scattered and sometimes together. Oh and the broken tiles are placed incorrectly.
    that is all.. lol

  3. heh well its just our "showcase" room for this demonstration on tuesday... so leave all the plants in for the moment (unless theyre in the way). we'll call it our "tech test" room where we were checking triangle and texture budgets on performance... or something.

  4. Oh right didn't realise it was for showcase, no worries.