Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Level focal point - THE ALPHA PLANT! D:

Thinking about the level's core plant/root ascending the pillar.
I felt the plant needed to have a creepy, hunched posture, but without making it look humanoid? I randomly came across a fashion Illustrator named Laura Laine, her drawings of these skinny, posed women reminded me of plants, they looked graceful yet creepy. I made a mood-board of her work which I found really inspiring when coming up with some simple concepts. Please comment.


  1. I like 1... though id quite like to see its "arms" raised up against the walls, as though supporting it, whilst pushing the atrium apart. also gives that top-heaviness that will give it an imposing, overseeing presence of some kind of mother-plant?

    ill see if i can find an illustration thats vaguely relevant.

  2. not sure these are particularly relevant, but brain-food maybe. couldnt find the picture i was thinking of... wondering if it even exists.
    like the pose
    like its leaning forwards
    like it pressing against the walls
    like the asymmetry
    like the tendril spread

  3. actually, ill just post those as a blog post. no linking in comments :(

  4. I get you mike, I agree mike, the concepts I'm working on atm I think portray what you describe, having arms and top-heaviness, I'll post in a bit.