Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Finished Pipeset

7 pieces in total, 1 diffuse, normal and specular 512x512 for all of the pieces. All lightmaps unwrapped on their second UV channels (stored inside of the ASE) (so unreal will use 7 separate UV co-ordinates to generate the lighting). The lighting is built here and there aren't any lighting errors, so happy days my first success!

I've also corrected the pivots to be at the centre of the piece, so you can rotate the pieces without readjusting them, so that when you build the set it should be quicker than the previous method.


  1. Cool. Do the bends rotate and snap nicely together?

  2. cool. great job ant. that valve piece looks cool! few things we may need, if we have time to extend this pipeset:
    - short pieces
    - bare-metal texture version for the thin pipes
    - that flow direction sticker thingie, probably on a short piece.

    also as a consistency thing, we'll need to match our mould colours... or perhaps swap that out for rust. but thatll be for later in the project to assess that.

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah they all snap like a boss. Yeah tweaking can follow whenever.