Saturday, 28 January 2012

Minutes for 26-1-12

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • tileset progress - all members agreed they would have finished, textured pieces ready for Friday morning


Vertex painting

All members agreed they would like to learn how to set up vertex painting. Consequently, Friday will be spent experimenting with vertex painting methods on their respective assets, with the following aims:
  • Ant - water damage on ceiling
  • Rich - puddles and moss on the floor
  • Adam - rust on the walkway (to be used on other assets also)
  • Tristan - vines/roots to be used on wall and possibly other assets
  • Ben - scratches and wear for the bridge pieces
  • Mike - has already done cracks and algae for the walls
Team Social
We have agreed to go to the pub, but no suitable day could be agreed. We'll arrange this another meeting.

Revised Schedule
Mike has revised the schedule and discussed it with teammembers, who now know where and when everything fits into the remaining time.

Assign Assets
Round 1 assets (large, essential assets) have been distributed between teammembers. Tristan will be working on the tileset so has just one asset to complete. Rich will be working on a plant prototype for the rest of the team to follow. All other members have an even distribution. The deadline for these assets is next Friday, but the team agreed the sooner these can be done, the more time will be available for "cool stuff".

Any other business
Nothing was raised.


Group Objectives for the next meeting
Round 1 assets to be fully completed by Friday 3rd

Individual Objectives
All members to check the asset list for their individual assignments.

In addition to assets listed,
  • Mike to complete more of the design document by Tuesday
  • Tristan to assemble the level using the tileset by Wednesday (Tuesday if possible).


  1. A question about what ive been set in the current asset list. I have been given the walkway stairs_hero I thought Adam was working on, along with what seemed to be the other parts going with it.
    :v Ive also been assigned things you've already done \:l

    1. Okay old version of the asset list , never mind ;b