Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Minutes for 31-1-12

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • tileset pieces now complete
  • props now begun
  • level still in assembly



The group agreed to have a backup rota:
  • Tuesday- Adam
  • Wednesday -Ant
  • Thursday - Ben
  • Friday- Mike, and upload to dropbox
Asset List
Mike will maintain the asset list, and inform members of changes. They are to report updates to him at the start of each meeting.

Triangle and Texture Targets
The group agreed to use "reasonable judgement" when building assets, rather than specifying targets for each asset. Textures will generally be made at a large resolution, and scaled down if necessary.

Reviewing Assets
The group will post all completed props to the blog for critique.

Review Level Progress

The group examined the progress of the level and were happy with the scale of rooms and their layout.

Any other business
Members reported hunger. Food was implemented as a solution for this issue.


Group Objectives for the next meeting
Round 1 assets to be fully completed by Friday 3rd

Individual Objectives
All members to check the asset list for their individual assignments.

In addition to assets listed,
  • Tristan to assemble the level using the tileset.
  • Ben to make a splitting piece for the bridge tileset.

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