Wednesday, 25 January 2012

All members were present.

Business from last meeting
  • Concept marathon - done
  • tileset progress - on-target (due for thursday)
  • Research progress
    • Sounds - understanding complete, not yet tested
    • tracking eyeball - not yet researched
    • ground mist - test implementation complete. done.
    • night goggle - test implementation complete. done.
    • triggering mesh animations - some progress made, more research required.
    • particle effects -  understanding complete, not yet tested 
tileset work and some research points carry over to next meeting.


Individual Reviews

Mike proposed individual discussions and reviews, but nobody wanted to bother. dismissed.

Vertex painting

All members have watched videos on example vertex painting techniques and will consider how it affects the tileset components they are making, if at all. Members will undertake investigation as required. The following ideas have been proposed for vertex painting:
  • scratches and wear
  • rust
  • mould/algae
  • leaking/water damage
  • floor and wall cracks (perhaps to be used in conjunction with static meshes)
  • puddles
  • glowing parts of plants when using night vision

    3d Motive videos

    The group now has access to 3d Motive videos, and members have been encouraged to take a look at a couple of relevant videos

    keep blogging

    Members were reminded to continue to blog as a record of work and to celebrate progress.

    Dropbox for individual use

    Members were encouraged to use dropbox whilst at home, since it stores backups and also ensures availability of work.

    Lightmap Unwraps

    Mike showed the group the lightmapping stuff he'd found whilst testing. A powerpoint has been written which should help.

    Any other business

    Tristan suggested a team social. We'll have a think about what we want to do.


    Group Objectives for the next meeting
    • Tileset pieces fully functional - Thursday
    • Tileset pieces full textured (excluding additional vertex-painted maps) - Friday

    Individual Objectives

    All members to finish their tileset components. In addition:
    • Rich is going to look at vertex painting techniques for the floor
    • Mike is going to compose a revised schedule
    • Mike is going to update the design document

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