Sunday, 29 January 2012

Root thumbnails

Some large root silhouettes before I make it in Max.
Probably going to go with 4th top and 2nd side.


  1. Be Nice to have a sense of scale with these mate, cause its difficult to tell how big they are, second guessing at the moment.

    I like 3 and 4 of the side profiles. I reckon we need more variety in terms of size and shape, perhaps some more scraggly bits which we can alpha in, I shall find you a picture of what I mean tomo :D

  2. Sure I'll add in a human silhouette for scaling. Yeah you'll have to explain what you mean, bare in mind this is just one generic large root asset to set the roots style and shape, there are 7 other root assets:
    2 medium roots
    2 small roots
    2 alpha roots
    and the hero atrium root

  3. now i think about it, we may find it beneficial to have end pieces which have more tips, and trunk pieces which basically have very few divergences, but are expected to have smaller pieces stuck onto them...? so perhaps dont trust that suggestion of 2 of each size too much, it wasnt really though through too much.

    doesnt affect what youre making here though rich, this asset will help inform us as to what else we need, particularly if we try and make our level using this and see what's lacking.